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The Three Emperors: Three Cousins, Three Empires and the road to World War One by Miranda Carter


Penguin Books, 2010, £10.99 (2010 pricing) 498pp, soft covers; illustrated plus notes, bibliography and index. Also available as an eBook. ISBN 978-0-141-01998-7 Miranda Carter describes Wilhelm’s lack of lack of tact and diplomacy, that Nicholas II was weak, horrified when his hearty father Alexander III died unexpectedly (of Bright’s Diseas…

The workhorse of the staff: The Vauxhall D-Type staff car


If asked to suggest the most numerous (or even preferred) type of ‘Staff Car’ used by British Generals and other officers to drive around during the First World War, most people will immediately say "Rolls Royce”. But that would not be correct. Even King George V was not afforded this make of vehicle when he visited the western front. Surprisin…

The British Monarchy and the First World War by Professor Heather Jones


[This article first appeared in the July 2022 edition of Bulletin. No.122. Members receive seven magazines a year, four issues of our journal Stand To! and three issues of our member/branch magazine Bulletin.] The First World War is often seen as a time when the British monarchy came under threat from a rise in revolutionary anti-monarchism. The r…