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His Majesty's Factory Gretna


In this talk Nigel Crompton will look at the huge cordite factory built in 1915-1916 on the border of England and Scotland at Gretna. H.M. Factory, Gretna was the United Kingdom's largest  cordite factory in  the Great War. It was built by the Government in response to the Shell Crisis of 1915 and covered 9000 acres. Without the factory, it was cl…

HM Cordite Factory, Gretna; A Study in Great War Genealogy on the Home Front - Nigel Crompton MA


We welcome Nigel Crompton to our Hornchurch venue on the 10th of August  to present his talk about the Gretna munitions factory and genealogy relating to the workers employed there.  There were 30,000 workers at HM Factory Gretna in World War One. A number of accidental deaths occurred at the Factory.  The official government figure was seven kill…

AGM & 'HM Cordite Factory Gretna – Genealogy on the Home Front' by Nigel Compton


About the talk: This is a very different talk, based on the 'Miracle Workers' project run by and on behalf of The Devils Porridge Museum, Eastriggs. (Devil's porridge was the Great War nickname for cordite.) It is a study in Great War Genealogy on the Home Front. We first set the scene by examining this massive munitions factory complex in Gretna, …