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Britain in the First World War : Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988


(Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988) The 1914-1918 War was, for Britain, a traumatic experience - hence the emotional reactions to it which continue this day. It was, I am certain, far more traumatic for Britain than for Europeans, and far, far more so than it was for America. It was also far more traumatic for Britain than the Second World Wa…

Ep. 105 – Researching British Officers in WW1 – Prof. Michael Durey


Emeritus Professor Michael Durey, from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia, talks about his background and interest in history and his current research project which explores the lives of British officers killed on the Western Front during the Great War. Born in Bethnal Green, Blackheath, Michael Davey took his first degree at York Univer…