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Harp and a Monkey


On 21 August 1917, Nellie Spindler, a nurse from Wakefield in Yorkshire, was resting in her tent after a hard night-shift at the No.32 British Casualty Clearing Station in Brandhoek, Belgium, when a German shell fragment  pierced the canvass, hit her and killed her. The sacrifice of Nellie Spindler, and nurses in the First World War in general, ha…

‘The Great War: New Songs and Stories’ by folk storytellers Harp and a Monkey


A small rural church in Cumbria, a disused airfield in Norfolk, an old railway wagon in Sussex, and the winding room of a former colliery in Tyne and Wear – these are the intriguing sites that provide the backdrop for a new documentary about a series of poignant performances by the acclaimed experimental folk and storytelling act Harp and a Monke…

Harp and a Monkey


 Acclaimed Lancashire  folk trio Harp and a Monkey have built a reputation for doing thins differently  and they live up to that when they bring there ongoing project to mark the Centenary of World War 1.   The band, who include an internationally respected WW1 historian, author and broadcaster, have been performing in unusual sites in Britain wit…