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THEATRE: 'Dear Chocolate Soldier' : From 1 June


  Over a hundred years ago,  a soldier in the trenches, Edwin Hassall of Leek found a Nestlé chocolate packet in a trench, recently taken from the Germans, during the fighting of the Battle of the Somme. On the packet (now empty)  was written : From Little Joan, White Rock, Wadebridge, Cornwall. Touched that the children of England were thinki…

Dear Chocolate Soldier : local theatre bringing stories of the First World War to life


  The play Dear Chocolate Soldier is a based on the letters of Edwin Hassall, who served on the Western Front between 1914 to 1918.   During the Great War people in Britain often sent parcels to the troops in France.   In 1916,  six year old Joan Burbidge sent some chocolate out to France. Wanting to make sure that the troops knew who had s…