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14 August 1915 : Pte Samuel Quinn


Father George, mother Sarah Jane. At the 1901 Census it would appear that father, mother, Samuel and his 66 year old grandfather were resident in the Chorlton Union Workhouse.  At the time of his enlistment 13 years later the family were living at 12 Anne Street, Fulledge, Burnley. (Above. Maps from OpenStreet Map 2023) After enlisting into hi…

The Loss of the Britannic : 21 November 1916


Some years ago there was much publicity around the 100th anniversary of the loss of the RMS Titanic, which sank in April 1912 after striking an iceberg. What is less well know is that the Titanic’s sister ship, the Britannic was also lost during the course of the First World War on 21 November 1916. Britannic was almost identical to the Titanic, m…

26 February 1918 : Nurse Katy Beaufoy


Her parents were Thomas (a clerk for the Post Office) and Susanna. She was one of five children, have two older twin brothers, and a younger brother and sister.  Katy Beaufoy trained as a nurse at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in 1893. Within three years she had attained the position of Sister in charge of the Operating Theatre and within an…