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'Five Warwick VCs' with Ian Binnie


Ian Binnie, local teacher and historian, explores the VCs awarded to Warwickshire men, during the First World War. Ian will be about the five Royal Warwickshire Regiment who won the V.C. during WW1. I will provide details of their early lives, their military service, the events that led to the award of the V.C. a d their subsequent career. A tal…

‘The Royal Warwickshire Regiment and Passchendaele’ by Ian Binnie


This event is in support of the Fusilier Museum, Warwick.   Ian has been a member of the Friends for many years and is a regular contributor to our talks programme. He will use a wide range of primary and secondary sources to describe how the different battalions fought in the mud and explain how the British Army almost broke through and had the …

ONLINE: Two sides of the same coin: the Newfoundlanders and Maoris at Gallipoli with Ian Binnie and Vincent Gray


When the First World War broke out Newfoundland and Maoris enthusiastically signed up to serve. Many shared the same belief: that military service would bring favourable recognition to their country or people. Thinking they were going to fight the Germans, the first contingents served in Gallipoli instead. Ian and Vince will outline the political c…