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Stereoscope: The Jordan/Ference Collection’s partnership with The Western Front Association


The Jordan/Ference Collection had its genesis in the mid-1990s. Bob Boyd and Doug Jordan were independently collecting WWI-related stereoviews and ended up bidding against each other on the newly-created site eBay. Unhappy with this situation, they made contact (in those days eBay let you know who you were bidding against!) and came up with a ne...

200 Brentano’s Launch on Stereoscope: A Call to Action!


We’re extremely excited to announce the beginning of a large-scale project to unravel the mystery of the group of manufacturers generally referred to as Brentano’s (see Stand To! issue 123). Cataloguing and describing Brentano’s stereoviews is an unenviable task, for reasons that will shortly become clear. Fortunately, through a collaboration be...