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The Battle of Dogger Bank : January 1915


The naval arms race between Britain and Germany had, in the early years of the 20th Century, been a major contribution to the increasing tensions in Europe. On the outbreak of the First World War it was uncertain how the Imperial German Navy would be used. Would the Germans challenge the British in the hope of eliminating the Royal Navy's superiori…

ONLINE: 'Germans on the Run: From Tsingtao to Skipton' by Anne Buckley


Caption: The calm before the storm. Straehler with naval detachment in Tsingtao, China, prior to the Anglo-Japanese siege.  About the talk: Anne recounts the little-known escape story of two German naval officers, who spent a year on the run covering an astonishing five thousand miles and almost circumnavigating the globe. Fritz Sachsse (Korvetten…