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ONLINE 'The Disbandment of the Southern Irish Regiments, 1922'  with Dr Timothy Bowman


The establishment of the Irish Free State, following the Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921 and the demand for cuts in the British army in the light of the worsening economic situation, led to the disbandment of the Southern Irish Regiments in 1922. The Royal Irish Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Leinster Regiment, Royal Munster Fusiliers and Royal D…

Addison Barnes Perrott Hadden MC - South Irish Horse in the First World War


For many years, I have had in my sewing basket the buttons from the uniform of the South Irish Horse and the cap badge of the Officer Training Corps (OTC)from Trinity College Dublin. These were given to me by my grandmother with reference to my grandfather, “who had received a medal” in the First World War. She did not describe what he had done. M…