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The Mountain War, A Doctor’s Diary of the Italian Campaign 1914 – 1918


By Dr Isaak A Barash Pen & Sword, 2021 £20.00, 220 pages, photographs and index ISBN 978–1–39909–310–1 [This book review first appeared in the April 2022 issues of Stand To! No.126] There are so few Austrian or Italian memoirs from the Italian Front translated into English that it’s refreshing to find this offering from Pen & Sword de…

Ep.256 - Fighting at the Battle of Isonzo on your computer - Joe Hoebe


Jos Hoebe, talks about the new Great War computer game Isonzo, that he helped develop with Netherlands game developers Game Drive. Your browser does not support the audio element. Isonzo is the third Great War game he has worked on, the othe…