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An Amusing Tale from Brigadier General R J Kentish DSO : 'A King Returns in Triumph’


Brigadier General R J Kentish DSO was the inspirational first Commandant of the 3rd Army School and Senior Officer's School. From December 1917 until the Armistice he commanded 166 Brigade in the 55th West Lancashire Division. He was known and respected by many senior commanders including Field Marshal Haig. Around 1940 he drafted stories (tales…

Lancashire North Despatch Issue 22: November 2018


Lancashire North Despatch Issue: November 2018 The cover image shows King Albert of Belgium arriving on his white charger to review the 55th West Lancashire Division on 3rd January 1919 and the article on Page 11 tells how men of the Division had earlier watched his return in triumph to Brussels on 22 November 1918.  Reaf inside about the soldiers…

'King Albert's Heroes. The Odyssey of a Belgian armoured corps, 1914-1918' with August Thiry (Independent scholar)


The Belgian Army’s First Armoured Car Unit, organised in Paris and known as ACM, was transferred to Imperial Russia in 1915. The ACM-Belgians arrived in Saint Petersburg by the end of 1915 and in the summer of 1916 their combat cars were deployed on the Galician Front in western Ukraine against Austrian and German troops. In 1917, the Belgians go…