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John Duxbury of 'The Miners Battalion'


Many local organisations were motivated to assist the war effort. They did this by recruiting men who were associated with the organisation or area, and formed these recruits into battalions. The majority of these battalions were recruited geographically, and such battalions as the Leeds Pals, Bradford Pals and Grimsby Chums were formed. Other batt…

Leeds Pals Memorial


The Yorkshire Dales can be one of the most picturesque spots in the UK. They can also be cold, windswept, wet and inhospitable. On the road out of Masham (pronounced Massam), which is a small town north of Ripon, are a couple of reservoirs, Leighton and Roundhill. The first of these – Roundhill – was commissioned by Harrogate Corporation in the ve…

‘Rethinking the Leeds Pals’ with Tim Lynch


Tim Lynch will be giving a talk on the Leeds Pals.  We suggest a voluntary donation of £3 per person.  Come and join us – we welcome guests and first-time attendees as well as WFA Members.  For further information please contact Dave Barras, Branch Secretary on 0770360379  or email >