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The Manchester United v Liverpool match fixing scandal of 1915


Association football had, despite the outbreak of the First World War, not been suspended by the time the season ‘kicked off’ in the summer of 1914. This brought much criticism on clubs and indeed players. The season 1914-15 was destined to be the last until the 1919-20 season. Above: A photo of the 1909 FA Cup Final Bristol City (in blue) v Man…

A Liverpool Lad at Ypres Pte Joseph Gough KIA 31 July 1917


“The Valley of the Shadow, 31 July 1917. Down in the valley the Steenbeek flows, A brook you may cross with an easy stride, In death’s own valley between the rows of stunted willows om either side. You may cross in the sunshine without a care, with a brow that is fanned by the summer’s breath, Though you cross with a laugh, yet pause with a pr…

Great War to Race Riots by Madeline Heneghan and Emy Omora


Madeline Heneghan and Emy Onuora Writing on the Wall Toxteth Library Windsor Street Liverpool L8 1XF Published by Writing on the Wall 2017 ISBN: 978-1-910580-19-6 We are told how the research for this book came about and are given a succinct history of Liverpool’s maritime trade and how it at the forefront of the slave trade from 1700. Grad…