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Discipline in the BEF: An analysis of executions in British Divisions 1914-1918


It is well recorded that despite a dubious disciplinary record, Australian troops were amongst the most effective of those available to Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. [1] This observation is at odds with the example of the Guards Division which also had a favourable reputation, but whose discipline was strict.[2] It is therefore potentially useful…

Bad Characters: Sex, Crime, Mutiny, Murder and the Australian Imperial Force


Bad Characters is a very important new book. Not only is it scholarly, but it is also highly entertaining. It looks into the indiscipline of Australian Soldiers – the AIF – in the Great War. Rather than using sweeping, unsupported generalisations, Peter Stanley (who is head of the Centre for Historical Research at the National Museum, Australia) ha…

The Truth About German Atrocities


Founded on the Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 12, Downing Street, London, S,W. Introduction Prussia joined in a Guarantee of Belgian Neutrality The neutrality of Belgium was guaranteed by a treaty signed in 1839 to which France, Prussia and Great Britain were parties. Recent German A…