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Operation Michael, The Thirty Worst and an Advanced Dressing Station


March 1918 was arguably the most critical month of the First World war for the British and Commonwealth forces in France. On 21 March, the Germans launched a massive attack with the aim of knocking the British out of the war. Above: Left to right - Chief of the General Staff, Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg; Kaiser Wilhelm II; 'First Quarterma…

The Kaiser's Battle by Martin Middlebrook - how accurate are the statistics?


I am sure that many members of The Western Front Association were introduced to the subject of the Great War by reading Martin Middlebrook's The First Day on the Somme, which was first published 53 years after the end of the war in 1971. It is sobering to realise that nearly as many years have elapsed since its original publication to the recent an…

Ep.268 – Richard Aldington and the Great War – Dr Viv Whelpton


Dr Viv Whelpton talks about the life and service of Great War poet Richard Aldington. Aldington (1892-1962) was an English writer and poet who is best known for a semi-autobiographical novel the Death of Hero published in 1929. Your browser does not support the audio element. …