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Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of War, 1914 - Michael S. Neiberg


336 pages Belknap Press Publication Date: 10/14/2013 ISBN 9780674725935 ‘Dance of the Furies’ by Michael S Neiberg is a definitive social history of Europe leading up to the outbreak of world war, its initial spasms and the first months of the conflict.  ‘Dance of the Furies’ is a comprehensive academic study into the lives of those who were l…

In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War Book Launch at the Liszt Institute in London 30 June 2022


On the evening of 30 June 2022, the 106th anniversary of the eve of the Battle of the Somme, members of The Western Front Association and others attended the UK book launch of Attila Szalay-Berzviczy’s first volume of In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War, from Sarajevo to Versailles at the Liszt Institute in London.  The event was co-hoste…