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Ep. 57 – The Great War Contribution of the Punjabi village of Dulmial, Pakistan – Dr Irfan Malik


GP Dr Irfan Malik talks about his research into the Great War contribution of his ancestral village of Dulmial, which is located in the Punjab area of Pakistan.

DH9 From Ruin to Restoration: The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery in India & Return to Flight of a Rare WW1 Bomber


By Guy Black  Grub St. £20 206 Pages 7 Appendices. ills throughout, bibliog,  index ISBN: 9781908117335  As Guy Black, a dedicated and unparalleled restorer of vintage aeroplanes relates, as a treasure map it was disappointing: a much–folded copy of a map of north west Rajasthan near the Pakistan border. Marked by a cross was the city of Bikan…

Ep. 247 – The Punjab Record Project – Dr Gavin Rand


Historian Dr Gavin Rand, Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich talks about the recent discovery and digitisation of 320k records of troops from the Punjab who fought for the British Empire during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. …

Annual Conference & AGM 2024


This year the AGM will be held in Leeds at Weetwood Hall Estate Start 10.15am. (Doors open at 9.30am).  Topics and Speakers: Anne Buckley ‘Germans on the Run, from Tsingtao to Skipton’ Dr Irfan Malik ‘Dulmial village (in modern day Pakistan) in the Great War Fraser Skirrow ‘Most of the Work, Most of the Blame, None of the Credit. Platoon com…