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The Rationale for and the Deployment of Poisonous Gas on The Western Front in the Great War


The rationale for and the deployment of poisonous gas on The Western Front in the Great War Introduction In early 1915, accounts were freely circulated in turn by the French, British and Germans that poisonous gas was being used as a weapon of war by their opponents on the Western Front. This was in clear contravention of the 1899 Hague Convent…

The First Phosgene Attack on British Troops : 19 December 1915


The first use of phosgene gas against British troops by the German army took place on 19 December 1915. The gas attack took place north of Ypres where the 49th (West Riding) Division was in the line. This attack had been ‘given away’ when a German prisoner had been interrogated. As a result an artillery barrage on the German trenches was ordered o…