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Ep. 138 – The Indian Labour Corps in WW1 – Pratap Chhetri


With a postgrad degree in Physics and nearly 10 years working in Media and Communications for Mizoram State, NE India, Pratap Chhetri is delighted to explain how he became so interested in the Indian Labour Corps during the First World War. This was sparked by a series of commemorative editions of regional newspapers between 2014 to 2018 which focu…

Ep. 164 – The First Gurkha Officer – Pratap Chhetri


Pratap Chhetri talks about his research into Rana Jodha Jung Bahadur, the first Gurkha officer in the British Army during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. Dr Tom Thorpe [TT] : Welcome to ‘Mentioned in Dispatc…

ONLINE: The Indian Labour Corps by Pratap Chhetri


The presentation will be live and online. In this presentation Pratap Chhetri will look at aspects of the Indian Labour Corps including the process of their recruitment, the journey to France, their pay and service. He will talk about how these non-combatants contributed immensely to the War effort even though they did not bear arms. He will als…