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November 1918: The German Revolution by Robert Gerwarth


£20.00, 368pp, maps and black and white illustrations.  ISBN 978019954647 3.  What a delight – a serious, deeply researched and academic work by a perceptive author with a fascinating ‘story’ line supported by a huge bibliography and extensive notes and references.  Robert Gerwarth studied history in Berlin and Oxford.  He is both an establ…

Ep. 197 - The 1918 German Revolution - Prof. Robert Gerwarth


Historian Professor Robert Gerwarth, Professor of Modern History at University College Dublin and Director of the Centre for War Studies, talks about his recent book on the German 1918 Revolution.  Your browser does not support the audio element. …

Empires at War 1911 - 1923 Edited by Prof. Robert Gerwarth & Erez Manela


OU Press 17 August 2015 pp.243 ISBN 9780198734932 When I sit down to read about the First World War, I usually grab a map of the Western Front. With Empires at War, you need a globe. This is the best way to picture a world war. Empires at War 1911 - 1923 declares its scope,‘the organised mass violence of war had not ended; it had only shifted…