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Drunk as a Lord? The dismissal and redemption of Lord Edward Seymour


Cambrai - Attack and stalemate The British attack at Cambrai on 20 November 1917 is well known for the mass-use of tanks for the first time. This operation, initially highly successful, was originally intended to be little more than a large-scale raid, but evolved into a much more ambitious affair. Whilst the use of tanks has made this action famo…

5 December 1917: Private Lord Edward Seymour


Edward's parents were Hugh de Grey Seymour Sixth Marquis of Hertford and Countess Mary Hood; he was their seventh child.  At the 1881 England Census, age 2, Edward was with his family at 20 Beaufort Gardens, Kensington. This included father, mother, his six siblings, Governess and nine assorted domestic staff. At the 1891 Census he was at t…