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Education Trustee


Role/Purpose  Supporting  the organisation by shaping The Western Front Association's (the WFA)education policy to reflect the WFA's objective to ‘educate the public in the history of the Great War, with particular reference to the Western Front', and offer guidance and ideas to the Executive Committee on educational matters. Key Function Educat…

Safeguarding Policy and Risk Assessment


The Trustees and Executive Committee of The Western Front Association (the Charity) unreservedly commit to protecting its members, volunteers, employees and the people with whom it comes into contact through its activities from all forms of abuse, physical, sexual or emotional arising out of that contact. The Charity will not tolerate any form of …

Why we need a Safeguarding Policy


Up until now Safeguarding has been covered within the WFA by a number of different Constitutional and Policy documents however it has been decided to produce a specific Safeguarding Policy for the Western Front Association in order to ensure we fully meet the requirements of the Charity Commission. All charities are required to have a Safeguarding…