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Nobody of any importance: a Foot Soldier’s Memoir of World War I


Reviewed by Michael Lucas. Nobody of any Importance is a lengthy and detailed account, written from memory, in the 1970s, from early childhood to age 21, with 50 pages of editorial notes. Sam Sutcliffe enlisted at 16 in September 1914, trained as a signaller, went to Gallipoli and fought at Suvla, with 2/1st Londons (Royal Fusiliers -29th Division…

'My Father’s Memoir of a WW1 Tommy' with Phil Sutcliffe


Phil Sutcliffe will give a talk he calls 'My Father’s Memoir of a First World War Tommy'. IMAGES: Nobody of Any Importance. A Foot Soldier's Memoir of World War I by Sam Sutcliffe edited by Phil Sutcliffe.   

‘A Foot Soldier’s War’ with Phil Sutcliffe


We welcome Phil Sutcliffe he his an author and historian of the First World War.  Phil will be talking to us about his Dad, Sam Sutcliffe and the book he wrote about him titled Nobody Of Any Importance. This is a soldier's memoir of the First World War which covers Gallipoli, the Somme , the Spring Offensive and eight Months as a prisoner of war…

'Sam Sutcliffe's War 1918, POW and onwards to Peace Day 1919 by Phil Sutcliffe'


Sam Sutcliffe's War 1918, POW and onwards to Peace Day 1919 by Phil Sutcliffe     Phil recounts his father's experience in the latter stages of the Great War.   Phil does readings from his father Signaller Sam Sutcliffe's “Nobody Of Any Importance: A Foot Soldier's Memoir Of World War 1” and talks about him and the book by way of linking the p…