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3 May 1917 Lieutenant Robert Grierson Combe VC


Robert was the youngest of six children of Presbyterian parents James and Elizabeth Combe. On 24 April 1906, Robert emigrated to Canada via Liverpool, destination Montreal. He arrived 1 May.  A pharmacist from Moosomin, Saskatchewan, on 1st April 1915 he enlisted at Sewell Camp into the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He had previously served i…

Ep. 145 – Stories from the Bo’ness War Memorial – Alan Gow & Robert Jardine


Alan Gow and Robert Jardine about their book (written with Richard Hannah) on the lives and war service of the men who commemorated on the Bo’ness War Memorial, West Lothian.

The First World War story of Captain A.D. Blair, Harley Couper's great-grandfather.


At the back of my parents' wardrobe sat a pirate's chest. It would grumble and sigh camphor when opened, hinting at distant lands and adventures. The pirate was Captain A.D. Blair, my great-grandfather. His adventures, my mother hinted, included smuggling guns in the Middle East, sailing the seas with a pet lion aboard, and earning a medal from the…