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'Red Trousers - The story of the French Army in 1914' with Dr. Simon House


The French army which went to war in August 1914 was a very different organisation to that which sat down in a railway carriage with their allies four years later to conclude an armistice with Germany. In this presentation, Dr Simon House will look at structure of the French army in 1914 along with its military strategy and doctrine. Henry Fyfe, A…

'Lost Opportunity: The Battle of the Ardennes 22nd August 1914' a talk by Dr Simon House


On 22 August 1914, the nineteenth day of what was to be a four year war, 27,000 French soldiers were killed - killed not ‘Killed, wounded, missing’ - on the Western Front in a series of encounter battles which were generically called ’The Battles of the Frontiers”. This level of casualties dwarfs the 16,000 British soldiers killed on the first day …