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ONLINE: 'Walking quietly into a hail of lead to carry away a wounded man' - Stretcher Bearers of the Western Front by Dr Emily Mayhew


The presentation will be live and online.  During the First World War, the battalion and regimental stretcher bearers transformed the medical landscape of the western front battlefield and beyond. In this presentation, Emily Mayhew will detail how bearers developed extraordinary skills at both the point of wounding and during the casualty evac…

Ep.240 – Stretcher Bearers on the Western Front - Dr Emily Mayhew


Military medical historian Dr Emily Mayhew talks about the role of stretcher bearers during the Great War 1914-1918 on the Western Front. Stretcher bearers played a major role in extracting and saving wounded men from the battlefield. Emily talks about who they were, what they did and what difference they made. …