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Malaria in the Great War


A 1946 map by kind permission of the World Health Organisation) Malaria in the Great War by Dr David Payne (This article first appeared in Stand To! No.77 September 2006 pp5 - 8) Introduction Throughout history pestilence has been the cause of the majority of the casualties of war. In general, the Great War proved to be an exception, with a r…

The First World War, Vol.1. The Call to Arms by Prof. Sir Hew Strachan


Oxford University press, 2001, £30. ISBN: 0-19- 820877-4  Faced with outstanding reviews of Hew Stachan's book in the Economist, the Daily Telegraph, The Spectator - and by our own President in the Sunday Telegraph - it behoves any lesser reviewer to be cautious when expressing an opinion on this massive new work. But, in reality, the challenge is…