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Trench Diseases of the First World War


Trench Diseases of the First World War Introduction to the Western Front The establishment by the belligerent nations, in late 1914, of a complex line of trenches stretching almost 500 miles (800 km) from the North Sea to the Swiss Border, brought with it an extraordinary concentration of millions of men from many nations and cultures. These men …

The BEF, Human Diseases and Trench Warfare on The Western Front


Introduction The Great War was the first major conflict where the death rate due to the trauma of war (largely inflicted by projectiles such as bullets and shells) was greater than that due to disease; on the Western Front the ratio was 5:1. But no soldier on the Western Front could ever be entirely free from the threat of war diseases in their …

Doctors in the Great War


Ian R WhiteheadPen & Sword 2013, Pen & Sword Ltd, Barnsley South Yorkshire (Previously 1999) £14.99, 309 pp, ill, sources, bibliog, index ISBN Number 978 1 78346 174 5 his work by historian Ian R Whitehead highlights an area of the Great War that has been obvious to any student of the war, but not analysed and explored in detail until no…