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The Siege of Tsingtao: The German-Japanese War 1914


Reviewed by Phil Curme. Tsingtao beer is ubiquitous in Chinese restaurants in the UK and throughout world. However, it is not widely appreciated that German brewers set up the original Tsingtao production facility in 1903 in an enclave of the same name, then a German concession ceded by the Chinese authorities after a series of European military...

Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War by Frances Wood and Christopher Arnander


Reviewed by Phil Curme. Although Chinese labourers were active on the Western Front throughout WW1 - and afterwards - many will be unaware of the full breadth that nation’s involvement. Betrayed Ally is an ambitious attempt to tell the history of foreign intervention in Chinese affairs, military actions in the Great War against German interests...

Annual Conference & AGM 2024


This year the AGM will be held in Leeds at Weetwood Hall Estate Start 10.15am. (Doors open at 9.30am).  Topics and Speakers: Anne Buckley ‘Germans on the Run, from Tsingtao to Skipton’ Dr Irfan Malik ‘Dulmial village (in modern day Pakistan) in the Great War Fraser Skirrow ‘Most of the Work, Most of the Blame, None of the Credit. Platoon comman...