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Ep. 85 – Women of Aktion – female activists in the German 1918 Revolution – Prof. Ingrid Sharp


Professor Ingrid Sharp, Professor of German Cultural and Gender History at the University of Leeds, talks about her research into female political activists during the German 1918 revolution.

Ep. 102 – British Infantry Training during the First World War – Harry Sanderson


Doctoral candidate Harry Sanderson, from the University of Leeds, discusses his research into the training of British infantry soldiers during the Great War.

Ep. 167 – Women as Veterans in post-WW1 France and Britain – Prof. Alison Fell


Professor Alison Fell, Professor of French Cultural History at the University of Leeds, talks about her recent book on women as veterans in post-Great War France and Britain. Alison’s book examines the cultural and social identity some women adopted, or were given, as war veterans in the 1920s and how this was received by the post-war societies …

The Western Front Association is delighted to announce the winners of its inaugural Masters Grant Scheme.


The Western Front Association Masters Grant Scheme is offered to provide postgraduate students the opportunity to enrich their research and thus elevate their dissertation on a First World War topic. This first iteration of the award saw a range of topics proposed. The judging panel, made up of The Western Front Association President Professor…