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'We Too Were Soldiers' by Dr Vivien Newman


WAAC workers and Chief Ordnance Office Staff, Rouen 1917     ‘We Too Were Soldiers’ 1 By Dr Vivien Newman   Viv Newman's long-standing interest in the Great War led, after many years teaching women's war poetry at A level, to a PhD thesis entitled Songs of Wartime Lives: Women's Poetry of the First World War (2004) University of Essex. The …

'Children At War 1914-1918' with Dr Viv Newman


We welcome Viv Newman back to the Village Hall at Hetfield Peverel for the  latest on her Home-Front talks this time about children. IMAGES: Boy scouts on guard by a railway bridge and train tracks in the United Kingdom during the First World War. 

ONLINE : 'They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents' By Dr Viv Newman


ONLINE LECTURE 'They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents' by Dr Viv Newman Moving beyond the stereotypes of Edith Cavell and Mata Hari this talk explores the lives and actions of two Belgian and one French woman whose espionage, made a significant contribution to the Allied Cause. One is believed to be the only woman, proba…

Dr. Viv Newman - "Now the lousy war is over; plenty still for us to do". Women in the aftermath of the Great War


We welcome Viv Newman back to Hatfield Peverel for her latest presentation.  Over the past few years Viv has shared her research with us about the vital work and contribution of women, across the combatant nations, during the war and in this talk she moves onto the post-war period to discuss the challenges and opportunities that faced women, in a w…