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Jamaican Volunteers in the First World War by Richard Smith


Subtitle: Race, Masculinity and the Development of National Consciousness Publisher: Manchester University Press (2004)  ISBN: 9780719069857 Richard Smith Like African-Americans from the US, Jamaicans had a fight on their hands when they returned to Jamaica after the Great War of 1914-1918. Their political and economic struggles, already appar…

Not such a pretty postcard from the seaside camp at Seaford during the First World War


Set up in a hurry in the opening months of the First World War Seaford Camp in Sussex on England's south coast wasn’t ready for its first 10,000 trainees in September 1914 so the men, new recruits into Kitchener's Army from southern Wales and east Lancashire found themselves billeted on the town of Lewes, Sussex They were divided three ways betwe…