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ONLINE: Chaplains of the Western Front with Dr Emily Mayhew


The presentation will be live and online.  Dr Emily Mayhew makes a welcome return to The Western Front Association webinar programme to look at the army chaplains of the Western Front. Based on the testimonies of individuals, most of them unpublished, Emily will describe how, without medical training or experience, chaplains took on new and unex…

ONLINE: Sir Douglas Haig and the Royal Navy with Clive Harris


The presentation will be live and online.   Clive Harris will tell the story how Britain’s two military arms went from independent thinkers to close co-operating partners in the Great War. Britain’s position as a maritime power during the Great War is well documented. But as her land forces grew significantly and the Western Front became the key …

ONLINE: "Let the Zeppelins Come, I Don't Care" with David Marks


Germany's aerial bombing campaign against Britain was an unprecedented development in warfare. The civilian population found itself on the front line for the first time, and the public's anger, frustration and demands for retaliation were tempered by a remarkable resilience. This was expressed with humour through the medium of the humble picture po…