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Dig Hill 80 Project Whitesheet, 2018


In 2015, during test trenching, a team
of archaeologists discovered a well- preserved German strongpoint at a ridge top near the village of Wijtschate (also known as Wytschaete – or ‘Whitesheet’ to the British). What the archaeologists had stumbled upon was unique; a piece of the formidable trench fortress that had remained virtually untouched s…

2 June 1917 : L/Cpl James McCoubrey


Protestant parents James and Margaret.  At the 1901 Census James was at home with his parents and sister. Ten years later he was still at home and working as a painter.  He married and had four children.  James initially enlisted in April 1915 (in Belfast), into the 18th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles. After training in Ireland, he was sent to F…