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The Zimmermann Telegram : Intelligence, Diplomacy and America’s Entry into World War I by Thomas Boghardt


US Naval Institute Press, 2012, $36.95, xii pages, 319pp, illustrations, bibliography, index. ISBN: 9‒781‒612‒511‒48‒1 [This review first appeared in Stand To! No.98 September 2013] In a well‒documented and closely argued text, the author draws on documents not available at the time Barbara Tuchman’s classic work was written in 1957 and takes a...

The Armchair General World War One – Can You Win the Great War? by John Buckley and Spencer Jones


(Century, 2023) £10, HB, 423 pagesISBN 978-1-529901-016  An eye-catching front cover. A publication date at the end of October. A book dealing with ‘what ifs?’ or so-called counterfactual history. Surely this is a book aimed at the ‘gifting’ market and not serious military history. However, as the adage goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’...