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A Tour of Mesopotamian War Cemeteries in 2003


In the early summer of 2003, fortunately or not, I found myself and the Battalion I was commanding at the time, 7 Air Assault Battalion REME, based just outside of Al-Amarah in what had once been the British front line in Mesopotamia. Wherever I am in the world if there is an opportunity to visit a CWGC site then I will. A quick look on the map and…

The Work of the CWGC - Elysia Heitmar


Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) 2 x 30 minute talks on aspects of the work of the CWGC 1. CWGC Architecture and its Conservation – Discover the unique architecture and conservation work of the CWGC. 2. Gardening the World – Learn more about the horticulture of the CWGC. Western Front Association Members and non-members are equally wel…

‘A Travelogue of Our Burial Ground Pilgrimage of the Last Seven Years to Over 1,400 Burial Grounds Across France and Belgium’ with Stephen Binks


Stephen Binks will be giving his talk ‘A travelogue of our burial ground Pilgrimage of the last seven years to over 1,400 burial grounds across France and Belgium’ Stephen is a retired self-employed battlefield guide. He has spent last seven years on a Pilgrimage to the burial grounds of France and Belgium. His intention is to stand at the grave o…