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The Zeppelins: An Illustrated History by Phil Carradice


This does exactly what it says in the title. It offers a concise history of the development of the Zeppelin airship from its inception, carrying passengers and as an unwieldy weapon of war. Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a Prussian career soldier and an observer in the American Civil War, had seen the advantages of balloons for observation. An intel…

Hedd Wynn - based on the novel "The Black Chair" by Phil Carradice


***Due to our venue being double booked we have rescheduled the branch meeting for Thursday 4th April*** Phil Carradice is a freelance writer, consultant and broadcaster. He regularly holds creative writing workshops in various schools, colleges and societies. A former teacher and headteacher, he hails from Pembroke Dock, but now lives in the Vale…

'Keeping The Home Fires Burning' with Phil Carradice


Author, historian and broadcaster Phil Carradice will be speaking about the home front during the Great War.  Phil has written numerous books about the First World War. A former teacher and headteacher he regularly holds creative writing workshops in schools and colleges.