Death From the Skies. The Zeppelin Raids over Norfolk 19 January 1915 by R J Wyatt

53 pages. Soft Cover. Twelve of illustrations, maps, references, appendices.

Card covers. £6.95. Gliddon Books, Norwich 1990. ISBN 0 947893 17 2.

This interesting and inexpensive little book is by none other than our reviewer, Bob Wyatt.

Despite its cover, it is a serious and thoroughly researched account of the Zeppelin raids on Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn on the night of 19 January 1915, the first ever real air raids on Britain.

The author has examined numerous contemporary accounts and more recently published books, not all of which were accurate. The result is an absorbing narrative of what took place including a bomb-run for each town. There are some good 'then and now' photographs. The book is not without its humour, which certainly makes for easy reading. It is, of course, very difficult to review a book written by a colleague and friend, but I can quite conscientiously recommend Death from the Skies to any reader who has the slightest interest in the home front and, in particular, the historic events of 19 January 1915.

Bob Butcher

[This review first appeared in ‘Garrison Library’’ in Stand To! No. 29 Summer 1990]

Death From the Skies, available for £6.95 in 1990 is still available through online book sellers such as Abebooks and Amazon for between £40 and £218