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The Zeppelins: An Illustrated History by Phil Carradice


This does exactly what it says in the title. It offers a concise history of the development of the Zeppelin airship from its inception, carrying passengers and as an unwieldy weapon of war. Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a Prussian career soldier and an observer in the American Civil War, had seen the advantages of balloons for observation. An intel…

Zeppelins over Norfolk


The First World War was a conflict of many firsts. While the Great War saw the debut of mass public recruitment as well as the implementation of tank warfare, it was also the first time heavier-than-air flying machines had been used in a military offensive. As German airships attacked the east coast of Britain in January 1915, it was civilian targe…

The End of The Zeppelins


This item first appeared in Stand To! No. 31 (Spring 1991). It was the 22nd piece in a series titled 'The Home Front'. The First Strategic Air Offensive Against Britain The first-ever strategic air offensive commenced against Britain on 19 January 1915 when two German naval Zeppelins bombed the Norfolk towns of King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth. Fou…

The Bombing of London


The Bombing of London  By Ian Castle   (Reproduced here under Creative Commons license from the 1914-18 Encyclopedia of the First World War   Germany’s aerial bombing campaign against Great Britain in the First World War, with London as its primary target, was the first sustained strategic bombing campaign in history. These raids, using airshi…

Death From the Skies. The Zeppelin Raids over Norfolk 19 January 1915 by R J Wyatt


53 pages. Soft Cover. Twelve of illustrations, maps, references, appendices. Card covers. £6.95. Gliddon Books, Norwich 1990. ISBN 0 947893 17 2. This interesting and inexpensive little book is by none other than our reviewer, Bob Wyatt. Despite its cover, it is a serious and thoroughly researched account of the Zeppelin raids on Great Yarmouth…

Zeppelin Nights London in the First World War


Written by Jerry White Bodley Head, London, 2014 368 pages ISBN 9781847921659 There can be no one better qualified than Jerry White to write a 'biography' of London during the First World War. A former Chief Executive of Hackney Council he has written half a dozen books about the capital including a trilogy charting the history of the modern cit…

Ep. 158 - The German Zeppelin Offensive and Propaganda – David Marks


David Marks talks about his recent book on the German Zeppelin Offensive as documented in propaganda, postcards and pictures. This has been published by Pen & Sword.

Lancashire North Despatch: May 2020 1st Email Edition


The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 A Visit to Friedrichshafen and the Zeppelin and Dornier Museums “England has been all she could be to Jews; Jews will be all they can be to England” Brigadier General Reginald John Kentish (RJK)  Gone but not forgotten The Lathom Remount Depot, Ormskirk Lancashire Hospitals during the First World War Mates in…

Stereoscope images from the Western Front and elsewhere


Having just published the initial batch of stereoscopic images on The Western Front Association's website, it is perhaps a good time to pick out just a handful of these to show the kind of images that are available. There is no 'science' to the selection of the following images, it is merely a selection of some that have caught my eye as being of …

Battlebags-British Airship of the First World War by CES Mowthorpe


Published by Alan Sutton 1995 Hardback 194pp ISBN 0 7509 0989 7 [This review first appeared in the September 1996 edition of Stand To! No.47] Most people associate lighter than air machines of the First World War primarily with the German Zeppelins. Yet, as this book demonstrates, the Royal Naval Air Service also operated at least 226 airships…