‘Tribute to the Fallen, 1914-1920: Men of Alnwick, Amble, Rothbury and Wooler districts’.

'Tribute to the Fallen'  is thorough and respectful to the men remembered and set out generously across the pages. This is a big book. For this reason it is so easy to browse and reference. One of those photographs of someone holding the book is required to show its scale.

'Tribute to the Fallen' honours men from the wide Alnwick area of north, north east and central Northumberland.

These are men who served in the First World War and were killed or died. As much detail as possible is provided in order to remember these men as sons, brothers and husbands, people with a face and a background. As you would expect, you learn about the family, where they were born, to whom, their pre-war occupation (and sometimes their education and interests), as well as other details including if they were married (and to whom) and if they had children, attended chapel or church, or picked up awards for cricket or running. You learn of families where several brothers served and lost their lives serving their country. 

The stories of over 170 men are presented along with an abridged database covering all 1,539 men recorded.

You do not have to come from Northumberland, or have ancestors from the area to enjoy frequent periods of indulgent browsing going through the pages, learning about the men, and being reminded of the context of where they served or fought.

'Tribute to the Fallen' is the work of Northumberland Branch of The Western Front Association, progressive versions of the branch’s database of First World War fatalities have been available online since May 2013 courtesy of Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick. 

In the latest update, data provided includes a man’s full name; regimental/unit service number, rank, regiment/naval unit/squadron, date of death, age, where commemorated (or buried, if found), service history, background, local memorials, and, in many cases, attached photograph(s).

"While the online database has been suitable for those researching individual fatalities, it is of more limited use to anyone interested in knowing more about the wider area’s overall contribution to the nation’s war effort, and the impact the First World War must have had on local families and communities.  It is for this reason that the branch decided to publish the database, so that researchers can view and analyse it in totality",  explains David Thompson.

Availability of the book

Tribute to the Fallen, 1914-1920… is not available for commercial sale. The intended print run of 185 copies is being distributed to the likes of partner organisations, middle and senior schools, the Northumberland Library Service, Town Councils and Parish Council's, local history community groups, universities and colleges, regimental and other museums, members of the public who've contributed to the database, branch members and others.

Digital copies of the database

Online versions of the database are not available for downloading however the branch will be receptive to requests from researchers, students, community groups and institutions for copies to be made available, to aid their researches.  An email box has been created specifically to handle any such requests – tttffww@gmail.com.