'The British Army and the Working Class in the Great War' with Dr. Stephen Roberts
07 Mar

This is a study in how the British Army harnessed the working-class skills and identity to fight the First World War.  Examples include road, rail and water transport, mechanical engineering, animal husbandry, food preparation, medicine and clothing repair.  How war service affected the workers in these fields is also explored.

Dr Roberts was a Secondary School history teacher and is now a part-time university tutor, researcher, writer and battlefield guide. His 2020 PhD thesis is 'Wirral in the Great War 1910-1925'. He took part in a Mentioned in Disptaches podcast for The Western Front Association in 2018 'The Wirral in the Great War'

Victoria Institute, 2-4 Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancaster LA2 9QT
07 Mar 2022 19:30