'Leaders: the British Infantry NCO in the Great War; a Reappraisal' a talk by Dr Tom Greenshields
06 Jun

Based on the speaker's ongoing research, it is argued that studies of leadership and command in the Great War have concentrated too much on officers and failed to recognise adequately the crucial role played by NCOs. This slightly provocative talk aims to redress the balance and stimulate debate.

Tom is a retired Civil Servant, having retired in 2008 in order to devote himself to his twin interests of military historical research and living history. He has a degree in geography from the University of Oxford and a PhD in the same from Durham, on the settlement of Armenian refugees in Syria and Lebanon after the First World War, and has had two chapters published in academic publications based on this research.

Hewitt Room, Whitton Community Centre, Percy Road, Whitton, TW2 6JL
07546 603513
06 Jun 2024 19:15