'Russian Army in the First World War' a talk by Sofya Anisimova
07 Sep

This talk is an overview on the organization and structure of the Russian Army from the start of the Great War to the revolution

The speaker is a PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews, and Visiting fellow at the Institute of Historical Research in Bloomsbury. Her areas of speciality are coalition military strategy of the Entente, Russian Front, Russian Expeditionary Force, plus social and cultural history of the Russian Imperial army during the Great War and its aftermath

Images from the Imperial War Museum collection used with permission. 

© IWM Q 53743 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Grand Duke Nicholas, the Supreme Commander of the Russian Army, in the field

© IWM Q 81084 -Unit of the Russian Army in Galicia (the Austro-Hungarian partition of Poland), 1917


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07 Sep 2023 19:25