Hawthorn Ridge: Then and Now, by Rick Smith
16 Oct

The H.R.C.A., is an association set up to rescue, protect, and preserve this iconic site. The members have done a considerable amount of research concerning all aspects of this crater. This talk will give a history of the area from its early occupation, the plan, and execution of the blowing of the mine on 1st July 1916, and its filming by Geoffrey Malins. We will look at the participants involved on that famous, and infamous, day. Together with the subsequent second blow, in November, and the successful capture of Beaumont Hamel.

Our speaker, Rick, graduated with an MA under Spencer Jones and Gary Sheffield at the University of Wolverhampton. He is a founder member and United Kingdom Secretary of Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association and WFA member since its inception. He has Western Front enthusiast for over forty-five years.

Allotment Social Club, North Terrace, West Allotment, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE27 ODN
16 Oct 2023 19:45