Ocean Greyhounds: The Battle of Dogger Bank by Dr Scott Lindgren
17 Jul

In January 1915, the British Battlecruiser Fleet under David Beatty pursued the German 1st Scouting Ground under Franz Hipper, sinking one vessel. The British had intercepted and decoded German wireless transmissions, gaining advance knowledge that a German raiding squadron was heading for Dogger Bank and ships of the Grand Fleet sailed to intercept the raiders. The lecture explores the engagement and its background, along with lessons that should have been learned.

Scott is a naval historian and a hi-fi loudspeaker designer. His academic career started with BA in criminology, which was followed by a MA in Maritime History at Hull and a Ph.D. in Naval History at the University of Salford. He has been a Module Tutor and Research Fellow at the University of Hull and an editor for the International Journal of Maritime History.


Image: Dogger Bank as seen from HMS New Zealand painted by CPO Quartermaster Edward Fitzgerald.
Credit:  National Museum of the New Zealand Navy

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17 Jul 2023 19:45