Since we created 'TrenchMapper' two years ago, the increase in maps that are available via this portal has grown massively. In 2022 we were delighted to have over 1000 maps available, but this has now grown to well over 7000 with more being added all the time. 

From today (3 June) we have changed the 'user interface', which we believe will make using the portal a lot easier and also added lots of maps to a 'new' theatre being of the Italian campaign (from British, Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies). A video about the changes is shown below

We have also created a process for anyone who has located a map online (at, for example, The National Archives) or has a physical map themselves to nominate this map for inclusion into TrenchMapper. This will, we believe, enable us to bring even more maps to the public which are not only geo-referenced (ie 'sit' on modern maps) but also geo-tagged (so that any trenches, farms, woods or roads) can be found by a simple 'search' on TrenchMapper.

There are lots of new features available which we've explained in a series of videos. These videos can be found here TrenchMapper Video Help

To find out how you can ask us to load new maps onto TrenchMapper click here: Would you like to submit maps to include on TrenchMapper

To read about the brand new Italian Maps, click here: Maps of the Italian front on TrenchMapper