28 April 1915:  Pierre Scheurer

Pierre Scheurer was born at Thann, Alsace (then part of Germany) on 18 October 1887

Location of Thann, Alsace (then part of Germany) (cc OpenStreetMap)

Pierre left Thann to engage in his compulsory military training with the French Army at Epinal and became an eleve-officier in 1909.

La Tour des Sorcières (left) and the River Thur by Runghold (CC BY-SA 4.0)

He was severely wounded by a shell explosion at his regimental headquarters on the Hartmannswillerkopf on 26 April 1915 and died of these injuries in Field Ambulance 2/58 at Moosch two days later.

The memorial at Hartmannswillerkopf

He is buried in Thann and is commemorated by a private memorial at the Hartmannswillerkopf, on Thann war memorial, on Le Thillot war memorial and in two ‘Books of Honour' in Paris.

Pierre's brother, Daniel (a sergeant in 170 RI ), had been killed in action at Mesnil-lès-Hurlus just over a month earlier.

S/Lt Pierre Scheurer, 152e Regiment d'Infanterie.

28 April 1915

Research by David O'Mara