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16 September 1914 : Sdt 2e Cl Marius Labruyere, 158 RI


Born at Roanne, Loire on 13 December 1893, Marius' home address was in that town (at 146, Rue Fontalon). He was called for his compulsory military service in October 1913 and he was, therefore, still serving upon the outbreak of war. He saw action in Alsace in the earliest engagements of the war, and he next served in the Champagne area where, ne…

Sdt Augustin Joseph Louis Victorin Trébuchon, 415e RI.


The last French soldier to be killed in action during the Great War, Augustin was born on 30 May 1878 in the small farming village of Montchabrier (Lozère), Languedoc-Roussillon. The eldest of five children, Augustin was orphaned during his teenage years and, prior to enlistment in his compulsory military service, worked as a communal shepherd in o…

20 December 1914: 820 Marsouin Simon Chantelot


Simon Chantelot had just begun his compulsory military service with the 6th Colonial Infantry at Lyon at the time of the outbreak of war. Seeing action in the Vosges/Alsace and the Argonne, he was wounded in action near Ypres in mid-December and died in the auxiliary hospital at Mantes-la-Jolie/Yvelines on 20 December 1914. Simon Chantelot is buri…

Points of Interest - Alsace 1914-1915


Wessex Branch Member Nick Jude talks on his researches concerning actions in Alsace and the Vosges Mountains early in the Greta War.  His research is highly detailed and the knowledge he has of  Alsace and the French Armies actions during 1914-15 will of great interest to students of WW1

28 April 1915: S/Lt Pierre Scheurer, 152e Regiment d'Infanterie. (1)


Born at Thann, Alsace (then part of Germany) on 18 October 1887, Pierre left Thann to engage in his compulsory military training with the French Army at Epinal and became an eleve-officier in 1909. He was severely wounded by a shell explosion at his regimental headquarters on the Hartmannswillerkopf on 26 April 1915 and died of these injuries in F…

21 June 1915: 1202 Sdt Louis Claude Berthelier, 22e B.C.A.


Louis enlisted into the army in October 1904 under the terms of his compulsory military service. He was an active army reservist from 1906 when on 3rd August 1914 he was mobilised back into full time service. After being refitted at Albertville, Louis Claude Berthelier saw action in the Battle of of Alsace. Louis Berthelier remained in the Vosges…