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Two opportunities for your students to show what they know about the First World War


Two opportunities for your schools students to show what they know about the First World War.  1. The 2021-22 Malcolm Doolin Memorial Award for Local History Research  2 x £500 prize for Primary and Secondary Schools (incl. Special Schools). What was your town like in 1914-1918? Who went to war? Who stayed at home? Who was killed? Who ca…

Animals at War : Schools Artists Winners



Helen Howarth

Mairead Biswas

Zoya Ali

Welshi Pollitt

By Helen Howarth


By Mairead Biswas


By Welshi Pollitt 


By Martha Brunt


By Zoya Ali


Animals at War : Schools Writers Winners


Writers: Annie Mossford Becky Chatwyn Claudia Dale Georgia Wilde Also  Maddox Akers Bella Carlton-Bland Emma Wilkinson Sarah Zafar   War Dog by Annie Mossford The mud is up to my chest and I am almost swimming through it. I glance around but he's nowhere to be seen so I just keep moving. I must find him, My sniffer begins to twitch. It…

Education 2022 : Animals at War – The Winners


This year’s autumn competition for school invited students in Key Stage 3 students (12-14 year olds) to think about the roles animals played in the First World War. They were asked either to write a 500 word extract from a book in which the animal tells its story or to design the cover of a book featuring a First World War animal. We received sto…